Monday, July 21, 2008

Season 08 Hots Up

Season 2008 at Nowra just keeps getting hotter! Actually, I mean cooler. Literally that is. Cool temperatures, southerlies and clear skies have meant that the holds have been sticky and the sendage is happening. The Al and Andi show rolled into the creek on Saturday and left all routes in their wake. They warmed up at The Grotto both sending the now classic Funky Gripsta 27, Al flashing the route. Funky G also received a quick ascent from Dapto's own Paul Mehag. Onto the creek,  Al cleaned up Mr Bubbles 29,  Sideshow Bob 27  and flashed Krusty 28 at Bartondale, and did Aloha Paradise 30 at Rosies. Not one to be left out, Andi, having put Physical Graffiti 31 to bed midweek, also got in on the action with a fast send of Mr Bubbles.

Meanwhile, over at Thompson's, Helen Day got her world tour off to a flying start with ascents of Still Life With a Chalk Bag 26 and Cowboy Junkies 25. Blueys Hard Women Jarmila Tyrril put her fingers of steel to good use and  sent Skin To Skin 29, following up her recent ascent of White Trash 27.

Sunday was also exciting, with Chris Webb-Parsons ticking the stout Beefmeister 32.

It's a bit off topic, but there is a buzz on the street about the "Nowra Of The North", The Goat Cave at Buladelah. This fine piece of crazy stone has been a closely guarded Newcastle secret for at least the past 100 years. Justin Jefferson and Dan Wilde have finally given up ignoring the longest, steepest section and have some wild pumpfest projects on the go. You'll need to pack at least 16 draws for these ones! The classics are getting lots of repeats, so watch this space!

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