Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 - The Year of Nowra

Minah LeBreton on Vandaholics (18) Thompson's Point

Shortly after Midnight on the first on January, Nowraphile and crusher of fine sandstone, Carlie LeBreton declared 2011 to be the Year of Nowra. The idea has caught on and gained momentum, meaning that 2011 is going to be huge!

Rod Young is nearing the completion of the most anticipated book since Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, A New Edition of the Nowra Guide!! The deadline for info, new routes and photos is the end of February, so get out there and complete those projects or bolt new ones for you chance at immortality.

Thomo's is prime before midday at the moment, especially if there's a breeze, and PC, The Grotto or the Bomaderry Creek Crags can all be good depending on the prevailing wind. But the rock's dry and a bit of spooge makes you stronger.

Then there's always the river, the nearby beaches and Jameroo!

Rod, Bronte and Minah rock jumping in the river below Thomo's.