Monday, February 2, 2009

Andy's Gone!

As the Global Financial Crisis deepens and climate change takes it toll, many fine institutions is Western Society are decaying. And so it is with the latest victim of the financial meltdown. Andy's Burgers at Nowra, renowned feeder of climbers and fueller of Sunday redpoint is no more. The catastrophic news was relayed around the Sydney climbing community recently.

Shocked and saddened by this event, climbers have written moving obituaries in the local newspaper and have petitioned Kevin Rudd to bail out Andy's as part of the government's financial stimulus package. Climbers have despaired at finding another quality post-cragging eating venue with the Nowra season fast approaching. Just when it seemed that things could get no worse, came the devastating news that Bar Italia, the pasta place, has also gone under.

Is this the end for fine foods in Nowra? 
Or is it an opportunity?
Will a Phoenix rise from the ashes of Andy's to take it's place? 
Or will it tuna pasta at the campsite?
Will an enterprising, culinarily gifted climber take the plunge, live the dream and open his/her own eating place?
Or will Mentzy see the light and move to Nowra to open his much talked about cafe?

Only time will tell. But, we can only pray for a miracle before the season starts.