Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheesemonster Grated and Grilled!

Carlie enjoys victory champagne and pizza!

Cheesemonster, that most beloved of Nowra classics. The route that causes Nowraphiles to grin with pleasure and Victorians to recoil in fear. The first route bolted at the mighty Cheesedale crag and still the most popular hard route in the country. Many bards have waxed lyrical about the pleasures offered by this 20 metre section of rock, but none so eloquently as those in the new Nowra guidebook, "start 4m right of Robochubby."

Today Cheesemonster 30 received two ticks! First cab off the rank was Carlie LeBreton who smashed the route after coming tantalizingly close in her previous two days of effort. Carlie is the third female to have climbed this grade at Nowra and the second to have claimed Cheesemonster's scalp. It's Carlie's first 8a+.

Half an hour later, Sean Powell stepped up and nabbed his first 30. Cruising the Monster on his second day.

Well done Carlie and Sean! Both ticking 30. (Note the 3 and the 0 they're holding up)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Let The Season Begin!

Cooler weather has arrived and Nowra is is prime form. Unfortunately, the mozzies haven't been told yet and it'll take a week or so for the little buggers to die off after they've enjoyed a very damp, warm Summer breeding season. Bring the bug spray!

Yesterday, Jarmilla Tyrril sent Dungeon Master 31 at South Central, setting a new standard for female climbers at Nowra. This route has cost Jarmilla dearly as she had a rope, quickdraws and chalk bag stolen from the base of the route last week after she went around to Cheesedale to belay Zac. The rope is a light green and dark green, flecked Sterling 9.4mm, quickdraws are Petzl Spirits and the chalk bag is a Beal one. Keep an eye out for them. I think the culprits are more likely to be local kids, it would very sad if a climber is responsible for this.

On Sunday, Ryan Holmes ticked his first 30, snaring the coveted scalp of Aloha Paradise at Rosies. Ryan had to work out some very specific hold beta to control the big swing at the end of the crux sequence. And on the previous day, serial sender, Matt Norgrove completed the link-up that includes the hardest sections of two 30s. Non-Dairy Monster starts up Cheesemonster then joins Non-Dairy Cheese-Like Substitute weighing in at 31.

Some plastic crushers have finding their feet on the lovely Nowra stone. Loesje Fletcher, Lindsay Fletcher, Joshua Boyce and Niranda Wright ticked off Uncertainty Pleasure 22 in the little cave at Cheesedale while visiting Victorian, Louis Godsell, smashed Wham Bam Thank You Maam 24.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Wedding made in Nowra

Two of Nowra's favourites, Cerin and Marcus tie the knot tomorrow.

Marcus, the original winner of the Volume category at the very first 24 Hours of Power, may look like the wild man of Patagonia in this pic, but we know him as a chalkless crushing machine.

Cerin, famous for the first ascent of Cerin's Debut at Thompson's Point, set many young climbers' heart a-flutter in the nineties climbing scene before finding the man of her dreams and stealing him away to the wilds of South America.

Nowra Rocks wishes them well and we look forward to many strong armed offspring in the near future. Just give the poor little buggers chalk bag, please Marcus!