Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheesemonster Grated and Grilled!

Carlie enjoys victory champagne and pizza!

Cheesemonster, that most beloved of Nowra classics. The route that causes Nowraphiles to grin with pleasure and Victorians to recoil in fear. The first route bolted at the mighty Cheesedale crag and still the most popular hard route in the country. Many bards have waxed lyrical about the pleasures offered by this 20 metre section of rock, but none so eloquently as those in the new Nowra guidebook, "start 4m right of Robochubby."

Today Cheesemonster 30 received two ticks! First cab off the rank was Carlie LeBreton who smashed the route after coming tantalizingly close in her previous two days of effort. Carlie is the third female to have climbed this grade at Nowra and the second to have claimed Cheesemonster's scalp. It's Carlie's first 8a+.

Half an hour later, Sean Powell stepped up and nabbed his first 30. Cruising the Monster on his second day.

Well done Carlie and Sean! Both ticking 30. (Note the 3 and the 0 they're holding up)

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