Monday, May 25, 2009

Season 09 Flying

Despite the deafening silence from Nowra Rocks, the 2009 Nowra season is up and running! The biggest news thus far is 16 year old Daniel Fisher's quick ascent of Sperm Bitches 31 at South Central. Dan polished his first 8b off in 2 days, only a few weeks before he did Aint' No Sunshine 28, his previous hardest tick! Another Canberra lad, Dan Smith did his first 24, There Goes The Neighbourhood. Also at South, while the Mountains was buffeted by cyclonic winds and sub-zero temperatures, Luke Geelan enjoyed perfect conditions to hike up Red Baron 26 and Carlie LeBreton styled her way up Scum 25. Meanwhile, Graeme Fairbairn was wrestling with Comin' At Ya Hyper 27, a torrid tustle that took a mid-week trip before it was decided in G-man's favour.

Over at PC, Al Pryce got back into the Nowra spirit with an ascent of Vogue 30. And over at Thomo's, everyones favourite provocateur, Lucky Chance did Top One Thomo 27 and Pitch strong boys, Mark Withers and Marc Landers did the under-rated classic Lovebug 27.

On more important matters, the post-climbing feeding offerings are still being analysed, but we will try to get some reviews of local eateries up soon. One establishment that has been declared a winner for those driving north after climbing is the Werri Beach Fish Shop.

Closer to the crag, the River Deli has long had a reputation for providing the finest coffee south of the 'Gong, but now they are also offering dinner. In the spirit of Masterchef, a group of climbing 'foodies' ventured into to review its offerings. The menu promised local fare, cooked simply. It was straight from the Gordon Ramsey songbook. True enough the food was good, but a little short on the extras or those of us used to pub-fare. A few vegies or a bit of salad on the side would have been welcome. A bit pricey for your average climber, and I'm still not sure about the apple on the pizza...

And so the search continues..