Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Episode 1 of Nowra TV

Well here it is, the much anticipated first episode of Nowra TV. Sit back relax and enjoy...

Monday, March 15, 2010

There's a coolness in the air...

Yes climbers, that thing you dragged out of the bottom of the cupboard this week is a jumper, and it is probably still smells like the crag from last season. This can only mean one thing, Nowra season is nigh!

The mozzies are feeling the chill and going back to their miserable haunts, the rock is feeling sticky and the routes stand ready, waiting.

Sharik Walker has already got the ball rolling with a new 26 to the right of F.I.I.K. at PC. It starts out of the tree apparently, we're looking forward to Sharik revisiting it with a saw.

Carlie LeBreton pulled off a powerhouse repeat of Sex Machine 26 at South Central and even I managed to find a route I hadn't done before and did Exploding Plastic Inevitable 29.

Unreported from late last year was Nathan Hoette's link up of a skyline traverse of PC which starts up Dude Food, goes into Vogue for a bit and then into Church of Christ before following the summit ridge along past the Turn Your Eyes anchors to join Hopelessly Devoted to You just before its crux for the journey upwards to the anchors. Dedicated to Dude isn't an easy tick at 31.

Bring on the chill!