Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 - The Year of the Tiger

While this blog went into Summer hibernation, I am sure lots has been going down at the cliffs of Nowra. We were down there last weekend and the rock was like gold. The mozzies were out in force, but the climbing was sensational.

The RTA has finally opened the new road south of Albion Park, fulfilling a promise that Kevin Rudd personally made at last year's T10 to improve access for this year winter session. It takes at least 10 min off the drive, giving you time for at least one more redpoint.

So who has been ticking over summer? There has to be some hard core Nowraphiles that have been climbing, bolting and sweating over summer. Let us know of your ticks (the climbs, not the biting kind. Unless they were in amusing places).

It's going to be a huge year. What this space!