Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's been too long...

As season 2010 has kicked into full swing, it’s been action aplenty at The Home Of Power. The only thing absent has been a record of what’s been going down on this blog. So here’s my chance to put it right and satisfy the thirst for information that I know all you Nowraphiles out there crave.

New routes are always the most newsworthy occurrences, so we’ll kick it off with a mention of the awesome new lines everyone’s favourite dad-to-be Graham Fairbairn has added out at Babylon. G-Man has rejuvenated this old Nowra backwater by adding 2 stellar new routes up an impressive orange wall that previously only had a girdle across it. The left line is Something Jumpy 26 and the right Father Figure 28. Both 3 stars and there’s plenty more to do on this wall.

On the repeats front, there’s been stacks done so here’s a summary listed by climbers. Apologises to anyone or anything I’ve missed…

The most active climber has been Mick Wells. Another Croweater, come to test himself on the glorious rock of the Shoalhaven, Mick has worked his way through the classics, ticking off; Dungeon Master 31, Physical Graffiti 31, Non-Dairy Cheese-Like Substitute 30, Cheesemonster 30, Comin’ At Ya Pundi 29, Black Flag 29, Plastic Exploding Inevitable 29, Vehicle of Hate 28, Baby Just Don’t Bite It 28, Brother In A Bodybag 28, White Trash 27, Maintain the Rage 27 and Brown Badge 27. And heaps of other stuff. You get the idea, he’s done lots.

Matt Pascoe, back on 2 pegs and crushing, has achieved many PBs including; Skin To Skin 29, Baby Just Don’t Bite It 28, Top One Thomo 27, Brown Badge 27 and Maintain The Rage 27.

Local hero, Will Watkins onsighted The Hustler 24.

Mel Shields did that crotchety South Central testpiece, Scum 25.

Matt Norgrove ticked Brown Badge 27 and Plastic Exploding Inevitable 29.

Pete Tosen made it back down to Nowra, getting in an ascent of the neglected classic, Mr Bubbles 29 over at Bartondale.

Logan Barber slipped in an ascent of Brown Badge 27.

Marc Edwards has ticked off Sexy Is The Word 31.

Jason Smith tackled the Girls In The Hood 24 and pulled off an onsight.

Fred Bonnet did the classic Top One Thomo 27.

Tragedy struck on Brother In A Bodybag 28 when a taxi driver, frustrated with his own project, decided to give it a go and ripped off the crucial/key undercling hold on the crux. The undercling will forever be fondly remembered by all who were lucky enough to fondle it. Apparently the move still goes with a different sequence.

A couple of old favourites have received new steel. The starts of Ain’t No Sunshine and Lost Weekends have both sprouted shiny new rings.

I’ll add more and fill in the gaps soon! Keep cranking!