Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Aftermath

In the week after the 24 Hours of Power the pace has continued strongly. The day after 24 Hours of Power while the rest of us were nursing tired and sore bodies, Tom 'The Butcher' Farrell made 2nd shot ascents of Slip Slop Slap 29 at Thomo's and the stout Evil E 27 (28?) at The Hood. Oh to be young and able to recover so quickly...

Last Saturday Al Price continued to work his way through the harder Nowra classics, flashing Cheese Monster 30 at Cheesedale.

On Sunday the it was standing room only in the Grease Cave as many routes were fondled but very few chains clipped. Sexy Is The Word saw a bit of attention, Mark Withers gave it a bash after a morning well spent ticking the new improved Jug To Jug V11? at Cheesedale. Ren Bombala ticked Pulling On the Porcelain 23 on his first visit to the cave after a monumental first attempt which saw him denied with the chains in reach. I tried to popularise the little top-rope problems below the start of Lost Weekends, the 22 is a classic! Andi Richardson added to his Grease Cave resume, Cruising up Love Bug 27 and Inflatey Katey 26. 

There was strong Canberra contingent at the crag backing up after the bouldering comp there on Saturday. Tick Of The Day went to Ester who climbed the hardest 25 in the known universe A Very Nice Piece of Cake (this opinion maybe influenced by the fact that we're both short and shit on slabs). Strong Canberra lad Joe Horan made an impressive ascent of Top One Thomo 27. Great stuff!

JJ has up loaded some photos from the 24 Hours of Power BBQ. Check them out here.

Carlie is working hard on the 24 Hours Of Power Video. Watch this space...

Thanks to Lauren Chandler for your really positive comments on the ACA forum. We'll hold you to your promise to be in it next year!

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