Monday, June 23, 2008

4 Days To Go...

It's the final countdown to the 24 Hours of Power at Nowra! 

The weather forecast is good! Keep your fingers crossed.

Nowra Pioneer and Retreading Guru, Big John has come on board as BBQ Chief. He has donated a mountain of sausages and rolls and will don the apron and assemble a cast of Nowra legends to sizzle the sausages and hopefully put some meat on the bones of a few skinny climbers. The BBQ will be held at Shoalhaven Caravan Village (see below) on Sunday afternoon from 4:00pm. Scorecards are to be submitted then and the cake prizes will be awarded. We have allowed for a stack of snags, but as we have no real idea about who's coming the catering has been guess work. We will have a 'Bolts and Barbie Bucket' there and ask that people make a donation of around $5 to cover the costs of holding the event. All left over money will be used for rebolting.

In addition to the 6 categories (points-male, points-female, volume-male, volume-female, junior-male and junior-female) there will be a Nowra Trivia Competition attached to your score sheet. The first mostly correct entry drawn will win. There will be a couple of random prizes awarded too. A 'best single day effort' prize has been suggested, but we'll see what happens on the days.

Bring a pen, we won't be supplying any!

See you there, Rob and Carlie

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