Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to Hogwarts!

Hogwarts received its first 4 routes last weekend courtesy of a team of crack young guns and a few very enthusiastic, bolting parents.

Tahlia, belayed by Minah, warming up at Cheesedale for the new route onslaught!

The team, comprising of Tahlia LeBreton, Bryson Klein and Minah LeBreton crushed the 3 star classics.

No that's not French Limestone, it's Minah cruising her first ever first ascent, and the first route at the crag; Wingardium Leviosa 13.

High fives with Carlie, the photographer as she clips the anchors.

Tahlia tackles the 3 metre roof at the start of Wingardium Leviosa!

They also added Expelliarmus 14, which starts up Wingardium Leviosa's roof and heads rightwards on the head wall.

Minah on the first ascent of Sirius Black 15. 6 rings to an anchor. A gem.

Bryson on the first ascent of The Golden Snitch 20, the current test piece at the crag.

All of the routes received repeats and were confirmed as classics.

Hogwarts is only 5 minutes drive and about 3 minutes walk from North Nowra shops. It's in the shade all afternoon and has the potential for more easy routes. Watch this space for more info...

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